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About us


Starting from 2009 PT. Sumatera Arabika Gayo (SAG), Indonesia coffee producer and export company who have own processing facilities in Aceh and Medan which reliable to be one of the local green coffee company exporters with an outstanding credibility. We do purchasing directly from farmers and processing it to be ready export quality and direct exporting especially from Aceh and North Sumatera province origin green bean coffee from Indonesia such as Sumatra Arabica Gayo, Mandheling, Lintong, Sidikalang coffee of highest quality with including Fairtrade farm, Organic farm, and Conventional quality supply to the world...

Our Product



  • Sumatra Arabica



  • Sumatra (Gayo, Mandheling, etc)



  • Grade-1, TP (TriplePick)

  • Grade-1, DP (DoublePick)

  • Grade-1

Our Cooperative



  • Name of Organization : Gayo Arabika Mahkota Indonesia (GARMINDO since 2019) of previously name Koperasi Asosiasi Kopi Gayo Organik (ASKOGO since 2007)

  • Type of Organization : Koperasi (Cooperative) / Small Farmers

  • Establish in : 2007

  • GARMINDO Office Address : Jalan Takengon-Biruen, Sp.Teritit No.4,

       Kec. Wih Pesam, Kab. Bener               Meriah, Aceh, Indonesia

  • Fairtrade Farmer Member : 636 farmers (Fairtrade producer farm under name GARMINDO Cooperative)

  • Organic Farmer Member : 503 farmers (Organic under license holder by PT.SAG) which also same farmer of GARMINDO Fairtrade Farmers.

  • Total Ha Area : 595,5 Ha

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Our Product


What make us different:

  • GARMINDO has never put in of loosing of any business contract into fairtrade premium fee. Any loosing caused by contract is responsible to the exporter, and it premium must be fully send to the cooperative, and cooperative GARMINDO never make any lost of it contract into it premium fee. We doing this to make sure there’s no fake loose entry on our accounting book. Those all premium fees are for the farmer’s welfare, cultivation of coffee plantation, and many other programs that will be going to farmer members.

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